Use With AdSense

You can use Google AdSense (or any other ad system) to display ads any time there are no ads sold through Digital Point Ads for the page. If you use AdSense now, the worst case scenario if you didn’t sell any ads through Digital Point Ads would be your AdSense ads would continue to display like normal. In fact, it would make your page load time slightly faster because we use non-blocking code to insert ads (including AdSense, which it does not normally do).

Instant Payments

Advertisers pay you directly. This means you get your money instantly.

Last Month Is Free

Try it out for a month… if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, you keep all the money you already collected from advertisers. You owe nothing.


Digital Point Ads creates a complete advertising marketplace for your site… You get a complete bidding system that your advertisers can use and you don’t need to mess with manually inserting/deleting ads.

Easy To Install

Installation is as simple as copy/pasting a small bit of JavaScript code.


There is a built-in referral system that is automatic (you don’t need any special affiliate links). If someone uses Digital Point Ads to run ads on their site, and they found out about it because they wanted to advertise on your site, you automatically get 5% of their ad revenue for the first year. This can add up quick… If a site that you referred sells $40,000 worth of advertising in the first year, you would get $2,000.


In addition to standard banner ads, you can offer to sell inline keyword-based ads, email ads and/or static text link ads.

You have full control over how you want your ads to look. You control size, colors (you can event have it inherit your site’s colors if you want). The ability to fine-tune things like setting the exact radius for rounded corners or the insertion effect can all be used.


Allow advertisers to target their specific audience by allowing them to target your site by area (for example if you had a blog, an advertiser could target blog posts within a certain category of your blog). Advertisers can also geotarget end-users to display their ad to specific countries if they want.



Regardless of how many ads you display on a single page, only one request from the client is needed to fill all ad spaces. This means your page needs far less HTTP requests compared to other ad systems.


The Digital Point Ads JavaScript code is roughly 4k in size (compare this to ~200k for other systems).


Most ad systems render ads into IFRAMES. We decided to go more modern/efficent and render ads straight into the page DOM.


Ads are not inserted into your page until after the page renders (will not slow down your page like other ad systems do).


How Much Can I Expect To Make?

Obviously it completely depends on your site and the ability to get advertisers for that site, but a 400% increase over AdSense revenue (without changing or adding any ad placements) is pretty normal.


Pricing is a 80/20 split – you keep 80%, we take 20%. For example if you were making $10,000/month in ad revenue before and by using Digital Point Ads it went up to $40,000/month, after the 20% cost, your net revenue went from $10k/month to $32k/month.

There literally is no risk though since you can try it out for a month (last month is free), and if you don’t want to keep using it there is no cost.