You get incredibly detailed reports, even being able to see the user agent and exact page an ad was displayed (down to a single ad impression). You can also see the exact IP address (and other info) of anyone that clicked your ad. All this can be viewed in realtime.


If our system detects anything abnormal happening, we will err on the side of giving the advertiser free traffic (for example if the same person clicks a CPC ad more than once) or if we think the traffic could possibly be automated or a bot.

We also protect an advertiser from accidentally bidding against themselves when they have multiple ads for the same site.


Payments are kept simple and advertisers pay the site owners directly via PayPal. Payments do not go through us or any other middle man.



Most advertising systems don’t allow you to pick and choose exactly what site(s) you want to run your ads on. Digital Point Ads allows you to build closer relationships with the sites that YOU are interested in advertising on.

In addition, advertisers can fine tune where their ads show within a site (for example maybe a web hosting company only wants to run ads within a “Web Hosting” section of a forum).


Advertisers can pick from all sorts of different types of ads (text-based banners, graphic-based banners, inline keyword ads, email ads and/or static text link ads).


Interested in delivering your banner ads to users in certain countries? No problem.


With daily spend caps on a per ad or per site basis, you can throttle your ads if you are interested in just showing a certain amount each day.


You control your own pricing with a powerful bidding system that allows you granularity over how you price your ads. You can set bids on a per ad, per section or per keyword basis if you wish.

Automatic Downward Bidding

All bids are automatically downward bid in realtime so you never pay more than you need. You can set a “maximum bid” and from there, the system will never charge you more than $0.01 more than the next highest bidder.