A complete advertising marketplace for your site.

    Full Bidding System

    Now advertisers can buy ads on your site directly with a full bidding system. This allows your ad space to be sold based on market driven pricing (site owners can of course set minimum bids for ad space).

    Advertiser’s bids are automatically down-bid so their cost is always $0.01 more than the next highest bidder. This allows advertisers to set a “max bid” that automatically adjusts as necessary.

  • CPM Banners
    Publisher Control

    • Colors
    • Font
    • Size (16 standard sizes)
    • Rounded corners (can specify radius)
    • Insertion effects
    Advertiser Control

    • Ad copy (anchor text and description)
    • Text-based and image based banners supported
    • Target specific areas of a site
    • Put spend limits on a per ad or site basis

  • Inline Keyword Ads

    Digital Point Ads offers publishers the ability to sell inline keyword based ads. These ads display as text links inside existing content (for example blog posts or forum posts).

    Inline keyword ads are always relevant to the content being read. This ad type is sold to advertisers on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

    A maximum of one ad is inserted into a piece of content, so end users will never be “overloaded” with ads.

  • Additional Ad Types

    Email ads allow you to sell ad space within emails that are already going to be sent anyway (for example in a forum, users might get new post notification emails).

    The ad is a small, text-based ad that is added to the end of the outgoing email.

    Email ads are sold on a CPM basis.

    Text Link

    Static text links can be sold on the home page of the publusher’s site for a monthly cost.

    There are never more than five ads sold each month (this causes the bidding system to yield a fair market value and also ensures the home page is not spammed full of ads, giving value to the advertiser).

  • Fast, Modern & Lightweight

    IFRAMEs are so 1990… Instead, ads are rendered straight into the page DOM. In addition, only a single request to the ad server needs to be made for each page view to retrieve all ads for the page.

    Ad insertion is done in a non-blocking fashion (ads are only inserted after your page is rendered, so there is no slowdown of your webpage).

    What does this mean? It’s fast.



Are you a site owner?

Digital Point Ads allows you to create a completely automated advertising marketplace for your site.

You can offer CPM/CPC based banner ads, inline keyword ads, email ads and/or static text link ads (text links are sold on a monthly basis).

Pricing for ads on your site automatially becomes market driven with the full bidding system (site owners can set minimim bid pricing).



Open new opportunities

Now you can partner directly with websites and purchase advertising from those sites directly.

Fine tune your campaigns by targetting only relevant areas of the site or end-users in certain countries.

Digital Point Ads allows you to purchase ad space that may not have even been an option before (email ads or inline keyword ads for example).



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